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Spottsvilles places first at academic challenge

By Gleaner staff
February 11, 2006

Spottsville Elementary came in first and Niagara and East Heights elementaries tied for second place at the Henderson Elementary Academic Challenge held at North Middle School Jan. 30.

Here are the results:

- Arts and humanities -- First, Ashley Marshall (Spottsville); second, MacKenzie Carter (Cairo); third, Amanda McGrail (Spottsville); fourth, Savannah Brown (Niagara); fifth, Peyton Ashby (South Heights).

- Language arts -- First, James Bickers (Bend Gate); second, Breeanna Cox (Spottsville); third, Savannah Brown (Niagara); fourth, M'Lea Pruitt (East Heights); fifth, Caleb Riley (Cairo).

- Math -- First, Nikoli Williams (Spottsville); second, Ben Hamilton (Bend Gate); third, Cameron Gibson (Niagara); fourth, Kyle Keach (Spottsville); fifth, Matthew Watson (Jefferson).

- Science -- First, Nikoli Williams (Spottsville); second, Cameron Gibson (Niagara); third, Michael Simpson (East Heights); fourth, Katelin Coursey (Niagara); fifth, Amanda McGrail (Spottsville).

- Social studies -- First, Michael Simpson (Niagara); second, Jake Walker (Spottsville); third, Josh Floyd (Cairo); fourth, Becca Galloway (East Heights); fifth, Alex Edwards (Niagara).

- Quick recall -- First, East Heights; second, Niagara; third, Chandler; fourth, Jefferson.

In overall standings for the year, various students shined above the rest. These include:

- Arts and humanities -- First, Ashley Marshall (Spottsville); and tied for second, Katelyn Coursey (Niagara) and Alison Jones (Bend Gate).

- Language arts -- First, Alex Edwards (Niagara); second, Ellen Green (Bend Gate).

- Math -- First, Nikoli Williams (Spottsville); second, Macy Johns (Niagara).

- Science -- Tied for first, Cameron Gibson (Niagara) and Amanda McGrail (Spottsville); second, Michael Simpson (East Heights).

- Social studies -- First, Jake Walker (Spottsville); and tied for second, Alex Edwards (Niagara) and Josh Floyd (Cairo).

In the Superintendent's Cup, which is the final standing of all elementary schools involved, Spottsville won first place, followed by second-place Niagara, third-place Bend Gate and fourth-place East Heights.